Wellness Art

Bloom Dead Sea Relax

Do yourself a favor and don’t wait

Our treatments 15 minutes

Your Feet deserve a priority

Get away from the hassle of the airport and turn your waiting into a time of well-being.

The Dead Sea is the biggest, widest natural spa on earth whose skin-hydrating minerals act as life-enhancing ingredients with proven regenerative properties.

Bloom Dead Sea Relax welcomes you to our little corner of the Dead Sea at the QAIA where you can find calming, rejuvenating treatments, and reflexology massages designed to enhance your well-being.
Our signature foot and hand massages, detoxify skin, relieve stress, reduce fatigue and joint pain.

Our qualified therapists provide professional services to men and women using our high quality formulations that are concentrated with Dead Sea minerals.

15 minute treatments will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your trip.

Hospitality is our Art, Please enjoy our healthy Natural Herbal Tea.

Foot Treatment and Massage Therapy

We use our Bloom Foot Treatment and Massage products which are heavily loaded with Dead Sea mud and minerals, preparing feet for our reflexology.
All your nerve system is gathered in the feet , Our foot treatment and reflexology massage has an amazing relaxing effect on your body producing a sense of well-being.

15 minutes – 25 JD

Hands and Nails Treatment and Massage Therapy

Our hand and nails treatment relieves stress, soften your hands, producing a sense of well-being and a soft feeling to touch.

Bloom Therapists use our Bloom Hand and Nails Kit combining Dead Sea minerals with a therapeutic massage.

15 minutes – 25 JD

Neck and Shoulder Massage
Neck and shoulder massage relieves stress and loosens stiff muscles in the upper back and neck.

Sitting comfortably in a specially designed chair, you can enjoy a massage that focuses on the upper back, shoulders and neck.

15 Minutes – 20 JD