The Dead Sea Life


One of the most unique sea environments in the world, it is the Dead Sea, which is distinguished by its location and position as the lowest spot on the earth's surface equivalent to 400m under sea level, and it is of great importance, given that it contains more than 30% of its water concentration with more than 25 types of minerals and trace elements. Mineral elements form an essential part of the skin at a % of 4-5 in the ideal situation, as they maintain the building of cells and maintain the skin, body and joints in the best cases, and because we lose the ideal proportions of these mineral elements for many reasons, including but not limited to stress, aging, using certain medications or eating unhealthy food, also the weather conditions. That’s the treatment essence of the Dead Sea, which pulses with life.


Hence, Bloom Dead Sea Gift Enterprise Products formulas relies on the natural minerals extracted from the Dead Sea as essential compositions of our products, where every product is manufactured in precise proportion of those minerals according to the needs of every skin type to ensure it becomes healthier and forever glowing.


Bloom products are the alliance between the unique minerals from the Dead Sea which are extremely essential for the skin and its needs.