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After 30 years of excellence, BLOOM Dead Sea Life is dedicated to embracing ECO practices in all facets of our operations, including packaging and production processes. We are actively transitioning to eco-friendly solutions, reducing packaging materials and UV lamination. Here is an illustrative example of our progress in this area:

Eco friendly tube replace

No Lamination, no box

No leaflet but QR code to Scan

Normal PE tube

UV lamination and box

Leaflet inside the box


Many additional adjustments have been made to all packages to align with our eco-friendly


We received a report in 2024 from a team of experts assessing BLOOM's readiness to enter the Canadian market. The conclusion was as follows:

The company is well-prepared to enter the Canadian markets with a comprehensive sustainability strategy for packaging. Their approach includes reducing packaging materials through audits and exploring lightweight alternatives, prioritizing recyclable materials with clear disposal instructions, replacing multi- layered packaging with single-material alternatives, and transitioning to biodegradable materials. The company aligns packaging with Canadian preferences, emphasizes clarity in label information, and optimizes design for user-friendly features. This proactive commitment to sustainable practices not only reflects the company's three-decade environmental focus but also positions it to meet the unique demands of the Canadian market with eco-friendly solutions.

  • In our production processes and supply contracts, we have implemented steps to minimize waste to the very minimal level.
  • A comprehensive diagnostic study was conducted on our company by a professional team of experts assigned by USAID to assess CO emissions and energy consumption. The study revealed very minimal CO emissions and low energy consumption. We continue to work on additional steps to further minimize our environmental impact.