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Article: Swimming In The Dead Sea In 2024


Swimming In The Dead Sea In 2024

Swimming In The Dead Sea In 2024

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Should you swim in the Dead Sea? Absolutely YES !
Stopping by the Dead Sea should definitely be on your Jordan itinerary but there are some things you need to know about visiting the Dead Sea before you go.
These Dead Sea swimming tips will help save some frustrations and make for an all-round better Dead Sea swimming experience.


Essential tips for swimming in the Dead Sea:

1- Do not try to swim in the Dead Sea

Many people ask can you swim in the Dead Sea?
The first rule of swimming in the Dead Sea is not to swim in the Dead Sea!
People also ask Is swimming in the Dead Sea dangerous?
Well, yes it can be. OK, by swimming we mean any stroke that does not involve you being on your back. No front crawl, no breaststroke.
First of all, it is very hard to get yourself into this position anyway, but getting back out of this position and onto your back is even harder.
Which leads on to the next tip about swimming in the Dead Sea.


2- Go swimming in designated areas only

People may wonder how it is possible to drown in water that is so easy to float in, but many people have drowned.
The reason you should swim in a designated area is so that there are life guards on duty.
On the plus side, there are no sharks or other nasties to worry about.
Nothing lives in the Dead Sea except for small micro organisms.
So – is it safe to swim in the Dead Sea? That’s up to you.

Swimming In The Dead Sea In 2024

Another reason for swimming in the Dead Sea in designated swimming areas is so that you can take a shower after you get out.
You will want to rinse off the excess mud but you may also need to get the mineral rich water off you quickly, especially if your skin has reacted badly to it.

3- Do not put your head underwater

You also don’t want to put your face in the water. Getting the mineral rich water in your eyes will sting.. A LOT!


4- Limit your time in the water

You may find you enjoy the floating sensation but you don’t want to stay in the water too long.
You should limit your time in the Dead Sea to around 10 – 15 minutes.
It is a strange sensation to get used to and some people may just not like it!


5- Visit a hotel beach

If you aren’t staying in a hotel with direct beach access to the Dead Sea, all is not lost.
There are a couple of public beaches that you can visit, although a fee still applies.
They don’t have the same amenities as the hotel beaches though.

Swimming In The Dead Sea In 2024

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6- Wear beach shoes

After being in the water a little while, your skin will be softer and easier to cut.
You may find that some of the dried salt around the water’s edge is rough and sharp.
The beach is also stony and rocky which warrants beach shoes in itself.
What people don’t always realize that they also heat up and can be unbearably hot.
Watch out in particular for little kids who can easily burn the soles of their feet.


7- Cover yourself in mud

Where’s the fun in visiting the Dead Sea and not covering yourself in mud? Don’t be afraid of getting dirty!
The mud contains all the minerals and you will feel better for it.
Having said that, if you have sensitive skin, go easy.
Take it slow and figure out whether your skin can take being completely covered.


8- Wear an old swimsuit

If you are going to cover yourself in mud, the chances are you will get some of it on your swimwear. That mud is tough to get out. You may be able to eventually get it out at home but you certainly won’t be using that swimsuit again during your trip.

9- Do not shave before swimming in the Dead Sea

You might want to get bikini ready or get rid of that travel beard but think twice before doing so.
The salt water will sting.


10- Take fun photos

You can use props (like a newspaper) if you prepare in advance.


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